Eros the Emetic (the_new_black) wrote in lesbian,
Eros the Emetic

Goddamnit, seriously.

The info page to this community says the following:
"We do not in any way tolerate biphobia, homophobia, transphobia or any other discrimination. Bisexuals, transgenders, and supporters of women identified women who love women are welcome here fully by all members, and any discrimination should be reported asap so it can be monitored! We are a DIVERSE community."

If you are a lesbian who dislikes having bisexuals in the group, go back in time and join a group with an info page that says:
"As a sufferer or discrimination and persecution, this group has the balls to hand that same ignorant bullshit back out to others. We defend this right with the same flimsy reasoning used by the homophobes that shit on us daily. We also use the same subtle tactics deployed in other kinds of prejudice, so that we can always fall back on 'I never said I hated them, I just said...' like it makes a difference. The Queer Community not united, at all. No Bi/Pansexuals allowed."

I'm sick of this kind of foolishness coming up in little bubbles in comment sections, like it's nothing.

I have found this community to be extremely warm and welcoming and 99% of the women here, of all orientations, have been amazing. I absolutely thank you for your senses of humor, your sharing, your venting and your participation in every thread I've had the good sense to read and certainly for your contributions to my posts. The overwhelming majority of the lesbians here are clever enough to see it as women who love women. Thank you for this, truly.

We all came here for a sense of belonging and support and interaction. Fucking adhere to a sense of open-mindedness like you have some sense.

If you wanna dispute the above, your comment better start with "I am prejuced against bisexuals" and then you can tear into me all you want, but get it right, prejudice doesn't have to be aggressive and overt to still be a fucking predjudice. You admit to your sins before you fault me for mine.

Tags: bisexuality
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