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lesbian's Journal

The Official LJ Lesbian Community
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[Welcome to the Lesbian Community's LiveJournal!]

We want every girl and woman in this space here to feel safe, appreciated, and supported. So if you have any plans to cause havoc or drama or to stir things up, you'll just have to find somewhere else to go. ;)

We do not in any way tolerate biphobia, homophobia, transphobia or any other discrimination. Bisexuals, transgenders, and supporters of women identified women who love women are welcome here fully by all members, and any discrimination should be reported asap so it can be monitored! We are a DIVERSE community.
It is your responsibility as a member here to let mods know if something has stepped the line for you. If someone has been intentionally abusive (not simply of differing opinion) it WILL be handled accordingly.

[The Rules]

We don't have very many rules to go by- this is a pretty laid-back community, as we don't believe in trying to control every little thing people do. The following rules are the only ones we ask you to follow, as they are important and crucial in keeping our community a place that everyone will enjoy.

1) RESPECT other members. Do not bash, abuse, attack, or harass another person in this community. If you have a problem with somebody, please be civil. If someone does something of this sort to you, then please report it. If you are a person who is continually abusing other members, then we will have no choice but to remove you from the community.

2) Posting rules: DO NOT post quizzes or surveys in the journal. I will automatically delete them, so just don't do it. Please also refrain from making the "My screenname is so-and-so, will you talk to me?" posts, because I've found they tend to annoy most people. Once in a while is ok, but not every day. Also please try and keep posts ON-TOPIC - relating to lesbians/bisexuals or the gay community in general.

3) Please use the lj-cut tag if you are posting any surveys or pictures. Many people have slow connections, and pictures can slow down the loading of a friends page considerably. It's just the courteous and polite thing to do. Also, if you are going to post pictures that are "adult", please specify "not work safe" in the cut. Thank you. :) And, as a reminder - posts that just contain pictures will not be allowed.

4) Promoting is not allowed here. Please DO NOT PROMOTE your community or any other community here. Promotions will be deleted and marked as spam.

5)If you want to contact me or have a complaint/issue, please use this post to leave a screened comment.

6) If one person posts a meme, and you want to do the meme, DO NOT make a new post with your meme. Instead, you should reply to the original post with your meme.

[Everything Else]

If you are looking for advice/information on a certain topic, please check the TAGS page before posting your entry. I am in the process of tagging every single old entry that I can, so eventually, every entry will be tagged appropriately.

Also, PLEASE read THIS post and THIS POST when you join- it's IMPORTANT. Thank you!

Already a member? Go to THIS POST to MAP where you're located. AND THIS POST to post a copy of your introduction! =)

Lesbian-Themed Movie Listing

Thank you to lisy_babe's suggestion, and with the help of girls in the community, my friend and a fellow member of this community, elevationistand elfje1982 have compiled a list of lesbian films. It was observed that a lot of people were posting the same question over and over again- looking to find names of lesbian movies. So now we have a list for your reference, and it will keep growing as is necessary. You can find the list HERE. Again, thank you to everyone who helped with this! Also, if you would like to add to the list, contact willows69.

We hope that everyone finds this community one in which you can be yourself, make friends and get support, and have a good time! :)

Your moderators,
Tiffany (venusflesh), Misty (blue_skies), and Liz willows69)

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